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To place classified advertising, send your ad text, payment and Rural Missouri mailing label (if placing a non-commercial ad at the special member rate) to:

Rural Missouri Classifieds
P.O. Box 1645
Jefferson City, Mo. 65102

You may send us your ad copy by fax to 573-636-9499.

Payment must follow immediately to the address above.

For more information or to pay for ads with a credit card call our office at 573-659-3423 or email our editorial assistant at

Thousands of Missourians have found a classified ad in Rural Missouri to be an excellent way to reach buyers when they have an occasional item to sell. Our classified section is the perfect place to advertise livestock, vacation or hunting property or that old boat or tractor you're trying to sell. A "wanted" ad is also a good way to locate collectables, antiques and other hard-to-find items.

Our classifed advertising is priced per word, per month. We charge $1.85 for every word in an ad that will run one month in Rural Missouri. There is a 20-word minimum, making the minimum ad cost $37. Generally, any group of letters or numbers which require spaces at the beginning and end to be readable is considered a word. In other words, an address that reads 1234 Country Road would be considered three words. We do make an exception for phone numbers, though. An area code and phone number — for example 573-635-6857 — is considered one word.

Members of Missouri electric cooperatives qualify for a reduced rate on non-commercial ads. These ads are priced at 70 cents per word with a 10-word minimum, for a minimum of just $7 per ad. To qualify for this reduced rate, include a copy of your Rural Missouri mailing label with your payment. Only non-commercial ads are eligible for this special rate. Generally, an advertisement is considered non-commerical when it represents a one-time sale. For example, if you have acreage to sell and you're not in the real estate business, it's 70 cents a word. If you sell property for a living, your ads would be at the commercial rate of $1.85 a word.

Classified advertisements must be received at our office at least 30 days prior to the publication date of the issue in which you want your ad to appear. For example, for an advertisement to appear in our October issue it must be received no later than Sept. 1.

Classified advertising must be prepaid. To place an advertisement, type or print legibly the wording of your ad and mail it, along with a check or money order to the address below. Please tell us what category you would like from the categories below. You may also fax us the wording for your ad to reserve space, but payment must follow immediately. Any classified advertisement not prepaid will not appear in the publication. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, you may call us with your charge card information. We still ask that you fax or mail the wording of your ad, however.

All advertising is subject to publisher's approval. We do not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, diet/herbal products or patent medicines. We also do not accept "personal" ads. Employment ads are only accepted from legitimate businesses with specific positions to be filled. We do not offer an "Employment" or "Business Opportunities" section. Electric equipment advertised in Rural Missouri must be UL approved.

Classified advertisements categories: